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The making of a blog + brand + business

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Starting a business is no easy feat. I often asked myself, ‘sis, who asked you?’ or ‘sis can you even do this?’ Between battling perfection, fear, & self doubt, you will have to learn mantras, prayers and in general ways to shift your mindset. It really all boils down to the mindset. Once you gain control of that, you will be in the perfect state to repel all that Satan throws your way.

I am thankful I didn’t give up - between it all and the tears, frustration, disappointment, it was a vision I was not going to let up. I have aspirations of retiring early, of seeing my mom happy, and of continuing to do work that pleases Allah - but on a larger scale.

In 2019, when I had a ton of time to myself, I kept thinking of ways that I can not work for Corporate America for long. I don’t know what is was, but I couldn’t see me behind a desk for longer than 5 years or just pouring into someone’s dream while mine stayed in my mind.

Initially I planned on starting with passport covers and even told majority of my friends my new venture. At the time they loved traveling and reassured it was a great idea. I had my Instagram page already created with the play on Tupac’s 'Through My Rear View' song.

Despite having a business idea and page, I doubted if I wanted that to be my logo and overall brand. Nonetheless, I went ahead and got my logo created in April 2020 and ordered a few passport covers while spending an ample amount of time searching for the right vendor. It was the vendor search process that made me want to give up. In June of 2020, I decided to just launch the blog + brand via Instagram at least and later purchase my domain and launch my site. Things were looking up as I also stumbled upon an 'African Print Vendor' course in July, to which I just looked above and thanked God. It was the list I was searching for all along.

From that course, I reached out to a few vendors to gauge what they can make while also sending out market surveys to a few travel gurus in my circle. A lot of folks gave great input into the travel accessory they would like to purchase and that helped me narrow down my list.

I plan on continuing to explore with different prints/designs along with getting input from prospective customers and beyond. This goal brings me so much joy and only Allah knows what the future truly holds. If you are sitting on a dream, please do not leave this world without at least attempting to see it in fruition. Once you take a step, God will further give you the guidance you’re seeking. I’m grateful and know that the only way we’re moving is UP.


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