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TEN Travel Essentials for Ghana

This list comprises of items I rarely leave the states without for my trips to Ghana.

Ghana gets really hot and often times I have found slight inconveniences due to not planning properly. I wrote this for you so you do not have to deal with those same inconveniences and fully enjoy your time in my home country.

At the very least, I always recommend a mosquito repellant. As someone who got malaria my first time ever visiting Ghana, I always research other items to repel those evil little creatures. For the past few years, I have been using VapoRub. I read online that mosquitos do not like mint and lavender scents, so when I saw this version of rub, I thought I'd give it a try. To my surprise, it has worked wonders since 2019. Shoutout to God for letting me stumble upon it and for giving me the idea. I basically apply the rub on my ankles, behind my ears, behind my knees, and on my wrists.

If you do not take anything from this, I just hope you get the mosquito repellant.


Mosquito Repellant

I cannot stress this enough. Those mosquitoes in Ghana are ruthless and prey on new visitors. They are also waiting on December in Ghana so make sure you are not caught in their scheme. This cost effective "repellant" is my little secret and is pretty small to carry around.


Hand fans/Portable Fans

Embrace yourself for the heat with a portable fan to cool off at concerts, and in general, while you are on-the-go.


Power Bank

Power Bank

Not sure if it is the heat, but I find my phone battery pretty drained quicker than usual when I am abroad. Having a long lasting power bank is a life saver, especially when you are on 1% and waiting on your Uber ride.


First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

I really like traveling with this first aid kit as it comes with everything needed to quickly cover and heal up a wound.


Pepto Bismol

What good would it be if you went to Ghana and did not feast? Even if you are vegan/vegetarian, your stomach will thank you by having Pepto Bismol on hand. Now you may not need it at all, but just be safe, as finding Ginger Ale in Ghana is a scavenger hunt of its own.



Dettol is a disinfectant can be added to bath water to ward off any germs. I could not find an appropriate Amazon link, however, you can purchase this via InstaCart or at any market in Ghana.



If it is your first time going to Ghana, you might be a little shocked about this recommendation. However, to be well prepared and protected in case the lights go off, you want to have more than one flashlight handy.


Wet wipes / Baby wipes

As I mentioned earlier, it gets pretty hot during the day time. Pre Covid I carried unscented baby wipes with me, and most recently, I have been carrying wet wipes as well instead of just hand sanitizer.

  1. Unscented wet wipes

There are essentials to quickly wipe your sweat, to poop, or to simply clean your hands prior to using any hand sanitizer or wet wipes.

2. Wet Ones

These are my go-to sanitizing wet wipes. It so easy to carry around on-the-go and especially useful when you are trying to nibble on some road snacks.


Passport Cover

Treat your passport book as the prized possession that it is. After all, it is golden ticket to explore the world. Invest in any of my limited edition passport covers. Each cover has multiple compartments for your yellow fever card, vaccine card, ticket, and more. What better way to visit Ghana than with the passport cover that is inspired by that very place?

Click here to see the options available.


Power Adapter

At this rate, it is best to invest in a universal power adapter to avoid purchasing multiple ones for different trips. I purchased mine in Italy in 2015 and it is the first thing I pack anytime I am traveling internationally. Do not end up crafting power-saving-techniques the first day of your international trip. Plan ahead.


As always, I am happy to offer any other recommendations - simply comment down below and I will get back to you.

Make sure you are all set for you upcoming trip using this Ghana FAQ guide prior to heading to the airport. Stay tuned for the next blog posts on foods to eat and places to visit in Ghana.

If you are in need of other comfortable and durable travel pieces, then click here to check out my latest collection full of duffel bags, neck pillows and more.

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