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Hi I'm Aisha

"I describe myself as a free spirit who is passionate about learning, connecting, and traveling. My business was started as a way to combine my passions, culture and traveling - with a desire to provide employment opportunities to natives of my homeland."

TMRV Story

Through My Rare View was started as a way to combine my passion for traveling and deep love for Ghana. As I navigated travel accessories in stock, I didn't find accessories that represented what I stood for. After pondering deeply, I realized I can create passport covers using prints that represent me and share parts of my background with fellow explorers. In the midst of this realization, the pandemic hit and I had to pivot to expand my travel accessories to include backpacks, duffel bags, tote bags, neck pillows, and facemasks. The pivot wasn’t easy, but essential. 

 This dream allows me to give back to natives of my homeland Accra, Ghana. Seeing my craft come to life brings me great joy, especially as someone who grew up ashamed of wearing prints from Ghana due to being bullied for being African. I can humbly say, I reclaim that power now and PROUDLY represent my rich background and history through all the vibrant prints used.

The First Collection

The Alignment collection was the very first collection inspired by the feeling I was in alignment with what God wanted me to be doing. So many blessings unfolded up until the moment I launched, which reassured me that I was making strides to live the life of my dreams and purpose. For this collection, I had three particular fabrics and each had a unique name based on what could resonate with the word--alignment. I went with:





With the first launch, there were only five unique products based on market research: duffel bag, tote bag, travel pouch, facemask, and neck pillow covers.

What makes the Through My Rare View product unique?

Products are unique because as the founder, I am involved in the end: end process of it all. I start with designing the products based on market surveys or simple nuances encountered while traveling. I then travel to outsource fabrics that are high quality but limited in production to ensure exclusivity. Next step is production, which is done by local artisans - many of whom are fellow woman-owned businesses as well. All of the items are unique in design, are made with vibrant prints, and most bags can be washed with similar colors.

My Mission

To create a legacy through a global African print travel brand by incorporating unique experiences, prints, and patterns that evoke emotion and allow fellow wanderers to connect with what grounds them and brings them joy.


Multi functional and Asthetic

All accessories are multi-functional and extremely durable. Each item can be used for day-to-day activities to vacations. Tote bags can be used for school, cafe runs, beach, gym, etc. while duffel bags and backpacks can be used for airports, road trips, etc.

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